1. How does Search work?
  2. We use different aspects of Podcast Episode such as published date, episode title, episode description, episode creator, channel title, channel description etc. to create a search index (similar to Google Search) to provide you quick way to find & play the Podcast Episode on a topic that you are interested in.

  3. What determines ordering of search results?
  4. We use a complex algorithm to determine what is most relevant to your search and assign a "relevance score" based on different parameters e.g., published date (recent is considered better) , query relevance (i.e., episode title matching on your query is considered better than matching on episode description etc.), Ratings (higher rated Podcast Episodes will be moved up), Engaged Listens (higher engaged listens is given more preference).

    Due to this scoring it is possible that sometimes a higher rated podcast or even more recent podcast could appear down in the search results. We are working on providing more felxibility for you to view search results by allowing you to sort on a field of your choice e.g., date, star rating or even

  5. How do you determine "Trending Searches"?
  6. Trending Searches are determined by most popular topics/searches happening in that region/country.

  7. What is "Engaged Listens"?
  8. Before we started working on Leela, we used to wonder wouldn't it be great if we knew how many people chose to listen to most of the podcast and not just how many people clicked on the podcast (and possibly quickly abandoned it) Well, "engaged listens" captures exactly that :)

    Channel Subscription

  9. How can I subscribe to a Podcast Channel?
  10. Click on the image of the Podcast Channel appearing anywhere in the app (Search Results, Playlist, Listened Podcasts, Rated Podcasts etc.) and click “Subscribe”.

  11. Is there a limit on how many channels I can subscribe?
  12. There is no limit on number of channels you can subscribe... susbcribe away!

  13. Do you notify me when there is a new episode available in my subscribed Channels?
  14. Yes we have two ways of letting you know that there are new episodes available.
    1. We will send you “Push notifications” (can be turned off by turning off “New Episodes” setting in “...More” Tab.
    2. We also show you number of unheard episodes in a red bubble on the Channel entry that appears in the list of Subscribed Channels.

  15. Can I turn of Push Notification for Channel Subscription?
    Yes you can turn it off by turning off “New Episodes” setting in “...More” Tab.

    Podcast Alerts

  16. How does Podcast Alert work?
  17. Podcast Alerts are similar to Google News Alerts. You set query term/phrase in "Alerts" tab of the app. This information is sent to our cloud servers where daily we look at newly published podcasts and if they match your pre-configured search terms we send out a Push Notification letting you know number of matching episodes.

  18. Is there a limit on how many Podcast Alerts that I can set?
  19. Currently there is a limit of 10 Podcast Alerts.

  20. Can I turn off Push Notification for Podcast Alerts?
  21. Yes you can turn it off by turning off “New Episodes” setting in “...More” Tab.


  22. Why only single playlist?
  23. We felt that having multiple playlists for podcasts tends to get wieldy very quickly as such we are starting with just one playlist -- we will soon offer way to categorize podcasts within this playlist e.g., sort based on category duration, published date, rating etc. If you think you still want multiple playlists, please write to us at

  24. Is there a limit on podcasts being added to playlist?
  25. There is no limit on podcasts being added to the playlist.


  26. How do Ratings work?
    You can rate individual Podcast Episodes (not Podcast Channels) by giving them a rating of 1 to 5. Rating allows us to create podcast recommendations for you — by understanding what you like best or more important what you don't like. Also, it is your contribution to the podcast listener community — so that everyone knows whether a podcast is worth listening to or not.

  27. Why can I not rate Podcast Channels?
  28. In our experience, not every 5-star rated Podcast Channel (on Apple Podcast App) had all 5-star quality Podcast Episodes. Also, we found some excellent Episodes in not so well rated Channels. So we decided to get rid of Podcast Channel Ratings altogether. We are confident that doing this will allow you to discover high quality content from not so well-known or popular podcasters.

  29. Is it anything to do with iTunes Rating?
  30. No, our rating has nothing to do with iTunes rating (which are done for Podcast Channels and not for individual Episodes).

  31. Can I change my previous rating for a podcast episode?
  32. Yes. Only your last rating is counted.

  33. Can I see what all podcast episodes I have listened/rated so far?
  34. Yes. This is available in the "... More" tab of the app.

  35. My question doesn't appear here.
  36. Please send it to We hawkishly look at everything you send us and will respond back!

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