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Columbus Parent

Jul 2019

Books For Kids / Try This


May 2019

Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem in 2019

Leela Kids is the only kids podcasting app covered.

Learning Magazine

Jul 2018



Feb 2018

Recommended App For Managing Screen Time


Dec 2017

10 Most Promising Podcast Apps To Watch

Parenting Christian Kids (Pdf, Page 3)

Dec 2017

Teach Children What To Treasure

Huffington Post

Nov 2017

Must-Have Apps To Make Family Travel A Breeze This Year

The Thoughtful Parent

Nov 2017

Gift Guide for Raising Kids Who Care

Kern County Family

Nov 2017

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New York Times (mention)

Oct 2017

The New Bedtime Story Is a Podcast

New Learning Times

Oct 2017

A Podcast App Just For Kids

National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA)i & Video Review

Oct 2017

Leela Kids Mobile App

Boston Interactive

Oct 2017

Leela Kids India

Oct 2017

Raising children in a screen-free home is tough – but recently, I discovered the perfect compromise

Berkeley Innovators

Sep 2017

Founder Interview

Common Sense Media

Sep 2017

Leela Kids Review

LSN Global UK

Sep 2017

Leela Kids Makes Podcasts Accessible

Grounded Parents

Sep 2017

Podcasts for Kids

Family Tech

Sep 2017

Tech Tool Of The Month: Leela Kids

Tech Review Site - Taiwan (Mandarin)

Sep 2017

Leela Kids English Learning App


Aug 2017

How to find podcasts for your kids

Lifehacker Australia

Aug 2017

Kids Can Explore the World of Podcasts With This New App

KOCPC Taiwan

Aug 2017

Leela Kids designed for 3- 15 year-olds is not only rich but also interesting


Aug 2017

Leela Kids opens up the world of podcasts to children

UK Kids Junior Magazine

Aug 2017

Leela Kids