Leela Podcast App

No need to subscribe to tons of channels. Think of Leela as Google + Yelp for podcasts.

Even better, Leela offers World’s First Google Alert like service for audio content.

"Finally an awesome app for podcasts. Apple or Google should have done this years ago. Commutes have gotten so much fun now!"

"Very very good app. Feels like an Apple Inc. default app. Listens like radio, or Pandora for podcast. I like it.!"

"Awesome app! Gets me great content; has everything that I want in a podcast app; performs great, serves fast!"

"Its simple and gets me what I want. No gimmicks"

Search Podcast Episodes

The way you always wanted it to work

Daily Podcast Alerts

Like Google News Alerts but for podcasts

Rate Podcast Episodes

Help others listeners by bubbling up relevant episodes and help us build personalized recommendations for you

Engaged Listens

Find out how many times someone actually listened to the podcast (at least 40%)

Playback Memory

Start podcast from where you last left off

Listen & Rating History

See all podcasts that you ever listened or rated


No need to download episodes and manage storage

Integrated with Car Audio Controls

Use car controls to play/pause/skip forward or back